Chahrazad Ourcho

Teaching Background

Music Education

Chahrazad has 15+ years of music education experience, and 25+ years of experience playing the Viola and Violin. She used several teaching methods including The Kodaly method, an efficient method for teaching music at schools, and has participated in several workshops with Dr. Ibrahim Baltagi. She also prepared a music curriculum for grades 1 – 8 that has been used in both public and private schools.

The beginning of her teaching journey began when she started learning at The Higher Institute of Music in Syria and taught children music full-time at the UNRWA. She then worked as a music teacher at SIS (Syrian International School), taught at The International School of Choueifat – Damascus for 7 years, and then became the music department coordinator at The International School of Choueifat – Erbil . In Canada, Chahrazad taught music at the private school NSA (North Star Academy)for a year.

Violin and Viola

Background in Violin and Viola

Chahrazad was a member of the Syrian National Symphony Orchestra, performed in many countries including the US, Spain, France, Oman, Lebanon, Jordan, and Syria. She was also a member of the Syrian Chamber Orchestra.

She performed with Orchestra Mary and taught Violin at Solhi al Wadi Conservatory of Music in Damascus, Syria. During this time, she performed with many conductors (Solhi al Wadi, Ahmad al-Saed, Pierre-Alain Biget, and others..)